Dumb old people
2004-04-07 11:34:02 ET

Okay, so the grandparents are visiting. All of a sudden a whole bunch of things start going wrong with my laptop. Strange things get downloaded like eZula & other various adware. I have now baned them from using my computer, though I fear the damage is already done and irrevocable. I may have to reformat the laptop, which is going to be a pain in the ass because I have some important files that can't be lost. I'm going to have to transfer the files from here to there over ethernet. Pain in the ass. I hate old people.

My head hurts
2004-04-03 10:20:33 ET

So I'm going to go take a nap. After that I intend to go apply for jobs and so does Monique. We'll see if we do though because mom has come home from the hospital and may need somebody here. However, Grandma and Grandpa have come to visit so they're here. I figure as long as we aren't gone too long it should be okay and gramps can take care of any problems that may appear.

Also, Adam put my ass on the floor last night. It was sparring night and I was put up to fight Adam. Then I fought Akchay and nearly broke his leg, so Adam came in to fight for him. Then I didn't have anybody to fight, so Adam stepped up again. This time he threw a roundhouse to my upper torso so I block with my forearm. He managed to hit the nerve that runs down my arm that controls the pinky and the ring finger (digits 5 & 4 respectively). My arm went numb and a nice little shockwave of pain hits. I spin around and fall to the floor in grand fashion. That's okay though, I'll get him back on Wedensday.

Eat shit and die you baby raping mother fuckers
2004-04-01 13:54:16 ET

So, I just found out that I've been fired. I'll explain why. I worked at GameStop where you can trade in used games for either store credit or cash. Since I worked there I figured that I'd support the company and sell my games there. I did, and now I'm fired for it. I don't really understand the whole thing, but it means that I need to find another job. Anybody in Tucson able to help me out on that?

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