recent thinking
2004-05-27 19:30:15 ET

I have been single since March 5, 2001. I also haven't had sex since September of 2000. I'm not certain if this is to be considered proof of a pathetic existance or evidence of outstanding accomplishment. I've been both ridiculed and congratulated.

On a side note, I saw the midget in the super market the other day. You know, the one I hit with my car. I pointed this out to Monique who started cracking up. Then the midget came over and said "What's so fucking funny?" A thousand different comebacks came to mind, but before I could sort them out she split. I still think it's funny that first I ran over her and then into her. Thank God she didn't recognize me.

2004-05-25 20:11:45 ET

kim: why haven't you been in class?
me: I'm injured.
kim: how you get hurt?
me: because you kicked me in the spine.
kim: oh, well . . . when will you be back?
me: . . . thursday, maybe.

music of the moment = "Flying Teapot" by Yoko Kanno

Bohemian Raphsody
2004-05-22 20:32:46 ET

It doesn't hurt when I sleep. I've been alseep, off and on, since 1:00 am. I'm going to go back to bed after Trigun. Oh, and the Quiznos things scare me. "We love the subs!! Cause they are toasty subs!!"

Don't you wanna hang out and waste your life with us?

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