2007-03-24 13:54:55 ET
so last night was my first time out to the bars.
(well, leagaly.)
Noelle, Jared and I are sittting down watching Inexoreath (Corey Mannette's band) play and everything's gonig great, lots of people showed up to say happy birthday and all that jazz and I was waiting for Troy to show up when who walks in the door? Bryson.

So my heart jumps into my throat.

We didn't talk at all, just made really awkward eye cntact a couple times until collapse were about to take the stage, then we finally said hi. We went out for a smoke and Bryson did what he always does, was sweet and charming and really fucking cute. And of course we flirted like mad.

So we get inside and I'm talking to Ally and Dunlop, and Bryson cme up with a shot of Irish Whiskey he bought with his last $6 as my bday present. I took it then we split up.

So a few beers later, after hitting on a married guy whose wife just so happened to come up behind me, and after that underage chick Tim brought in started a fight and got herself and Tim kicked out, and Corey's girlfriend tried to start shit with noelle, me and bryson crossed paths on the way to the bathroom. Old times happened again in the boy's washroom.

So we walk out and just pretend nothing even happened, and go our seperate ways.

etc, etc.

so show ends, me and Bryson ditch everyone and sneek out with some beer.

i cant even describe how much fun we had just walking through the commens back to his place, we held hands and joked around and everything went back to being like before.

so we get to his place and jump into bed and we cuddel and kiss and fall asleep in eachothers arms.

we wake up still holding eachother around 9:30 and lay in bed just tlaking till 11 when we went out for Mary's breakfast, to which you regular readers know, *ahem.. greg.* is me and bryson's breakfast ritual.

he asked me to spend the night, but i caught a bus 20 mins after breakfast and came home.

he made plans for him to come over sometime.
and to come see me at work.
and call me.
and he's supposed to be at Gus' Pub on monday night for th premiere for the preview of the film we're both in. I already made plans with Troy to goto it.

we'll see home many of those promisses pan out, im guessing just the last one.

Greg, wanna try and call it?

oh and by the way, we didnt do anything sexual at all, i enforced that.

In other news, Brett and Justin revealed on my birhday that they're leaving 6am monday morning for Alberta.

I'm going over to say goodbye to justin and stuff, and karmins gonig to drop in for a second to talk to nikki bonneau.

nikki was dating brett abou a month ago and he didnt tell us. He's been regularly fucking karmin for the past 2 months, so he's a cheating scumbag.

so we're going to have a chat with her.

anyways... bryson sucks... brett and justin suck...

i need new men in my life.

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