2007-03-31 17:46:33 ET
so might have a date with jeff pinhead.
he came into work today, i asked him when were hanging out and he asked me to go see the premier of grindhouse on wednesday.
he's so fucking cute.
look: http://www.myspace.com/jeffpinhead

Bryson's supposed to come over on monday, i hope he ditches, or I might actually ditch him. i really don't want to see him.

Tomorrow, Karmins supposed to hang out with trevor. I wanna hang out with joeline. but i might get stuck with karmin and trevor.

i miss justin a lot, today he sent me 6 myspce messages, 2 comments and 3 picture comments. annnd he called me.

karmin and i drove to Arby's in bedford tonight. We ran into one of her ex boyfriends and he was really fucking cute.

i gotta get back to my 1am cleaning spree.

also, last night i went to Big Leagues by my fucking self to see joey's band play. so i sit alone for like an hour watching some gay band (i ont know what joey really looks like, ive seen like 2 pics) anyways this total fucknig hottie walks over and sits next to me and tells me how he ahd been trying to work up the coursage to come tlak to me all night. turns ut, he's the singer in joeys band and so joey somes over (turns out ugly as fuck) and is kinda shy and awkward. so he leaves and i tlak tot he singer marcell some mroe.. anyways, in teh end i left nad gave him my number.. he was like.. 26-28? but soooo fucking hot...

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