2007-03-26 05:45:49 ET
So yesterday I wake up at Justins place. We spent our last night together at his place smoking joints with his cracked out dad and just chillin in his room. We decided we should have been in a relationship before he left, so we dated for the 32 hours he had left in NS.

we broke up at 6am when he boarded the plane this morning.

So after Joeline came over. I havnt hung out with her in like forever. Karmin was really pissed we were hanging out. she was afraid Joeline would tell me all the fucked up shit they used to do together, but i already know most of it adn ont fucking care.

Joeline decided it was gonig to be my birhtday all over again, and brought me a bag full of prime times as a gift. We went to halifax and visited Noelle at Rock Candy for a bit. She aske me to watch the store whil she went for a smoke and some really cute guys came in.

We went for Subway then just wandered around looking in stores for a few hours. We were on our way to go visit Bryson (Joeline's idea, btw.) and while walking past the Pyramid Cafe I decided we should get coffee. 4 cups later we were wired, and continued on our way to Brysons. When we got there, it was all Bryson and me tlaking, Joeline barley said a word. She sad she kept noticing that whenever he said domehting to me he'd look at me for a second and then quickly look away and smile. She said i was acting a little bit awkward around him. we left and went to visit Mitch from Die Brucke, one of the bandds opening on my D.O.A. show. He was pretty surprised to see us and tried pretty hard for a threesome. (note: mitch is a manwhore.) We went and saw Rob and he definetly didn't want to see m at all. it was pretty weird so we left, just missing our bus by 2 mins, and decided we shoul walk to troy's. Of course, he wasnt home so we tried to kill time in the liquor storre, but we forgot it was sunda and was closed. so we tried to hop this fence which apparently has a hole in it somewhere big enough to walk through, and i ripped open my hands, wrist and pants. lame. we came back here and it was abit awkwardwit karmina nd joeline, they were both tlaking to me at the same time but never to eachother. Joeline left at 10 and i called justin and burst into tears.

I've pretty much been crying ever since. I didnt goto work today cause i was up all night crying and such. and I have no desire to eat. they're probley somewheres over toronto by now.

what the fuck do you do when your 2 bestfrinds leave you?

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