2007-04-03 13:37:14 ET
last night i had a photoshoot for the cover of the local newspaper the coast. The guy who directed the movie I'm in (Streets of Domination) just won the grindhouse triailer competition with his trailer for Hobo with a Shotgun. He asked me to come for some group shots of actors from his various movies. i was the only chick in the shoot. Bryson didnt get asked to do it : )

I reaslly hope the group shot makes it to the cover.

oh while i was at the shoot, that cute guy from the bar called me. We made plans to hang out around monday. I duno if he's too old or not.

D.O.A. is in 4 days, I'm stressin.

My date with jeff is tomorrow!
I guess hobo will be playing at every showing of it, and jay will be doing a big into at the preview. cant fucking wait.

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