2005-02-26 04:22:58 ET
Jon came over yesterday and we ordered a donair then went to his place and just watched tv all night. He fell asleep around 11 and he looked super cute so I snapped some pictures. I was supposed to be going out shopping with my mom this morning, but my neighbor called and asked me to babysit for her. So I'm going to head over there in about 20 minuites. Dan's having a huge 19th birthdat party tonight, I think Jon and I might go. It probley won't be that great though considering it'll be filled with "I'm more hardcore than you" type people. But from what I've heard it's a really big party and a bunch of people who graduated last year will be there. Must make money now to buy fun things for party.

(Noelle, if you're reading this, we should goto the sunday night Flea market tomorrow, if it's even on.)

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