2005-02-24 11:58:25 ET
Today in Print class we were making the course selection books, and I found 4 mistakes in it, so we had to go redo 1200 copies of each page with an error. Our group was assigned to the offset press thing and I was puting water on the rollers when I dropped the washer that holds the water in place down inside the machine >.< we had to take the machine apart to get it out. <BR>
Yesterday noelle came over and hung out with Jon and I. We made a Burn Book, just like the one off of mean girls. We gave Ella and Ana their own special pages, all the other ones have 3 to a page. It was childish but tons of fun at the same time.

Jon died his hair black the other day, actually, it was his brother who died his hair, and only the front was black and the back was brown. so I had to fix it, it was fun though so I didn't mind.

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