FUCK math class.    2005-02-10 10:52:42 ET
Yesterday was Noelle's birthday. We hung out and made brownies and watched Home Movies all night. It was fun.

So today in math class, after lunch, Mr.Edwards gave us an In class Assignment, ON SHIT HE HADN'T EVEN FUCKING TAUGHT. So I go up to his desk and ask for help, and if I'm even doing it right and HE WON'T FUCKING HELP ME. I got so fucking mad I just sat at my desk and cried because I couldn't fucking figure it out. I tried every goddamn question but I didn't know what to fucking do. I got answers for 2, but I'd bet my life on them being wrong. So after class I get cleaned up and finally stop being so fucking emotional about it, when Naz walks up to me in the hall, punches me and calls me an idiot. I already felt dumb enough without him fucking saying that. I just burst into tears again and had to spend half of Global in the bathroom. I tried calling my mom to com pick me up but she wasn't answering, and Jon wasn't home :( so I just went back to class and sat at the computer and starred at the screen. I can't get fucking bad marks in math. I'm so bad at it as it is, I don't need him testing me on stuff he didn't even fucking teach.

I have my math tutor tonight, hopfully he'll be able to show me what the fuck it is I'm supposed to know.

Oh, and just as a side note, I'm not fucking stupid, it's not like I was the only one who didn't fucking get it. everyone else around me only answered maby 3 questions max.

You'd think he'd try teaching something if no one knows what to do instead of failing everyone on it and counting it against our fucking marks.


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