2005-02-07 11:25:34 ET
I just got back from a walk with Jon, but it was more like sitting on the bench in the cold. It wasn't very fun. He din't even say hi when we met up, just "whats your problem". that pretty much set the whole thing into a downward sprial. No greeting like that can turn into a good time.

My school's fucking retarded. I failed my english 11 course on account of not doing any of my assignments, so I went to the guidence counsouler to see if I could get math 11 changed to math 11 foundations or english 11 again, but he just plain out said no without even checking to see if the classes were full. then he told me to come abck after march break which is halfway through the course and there'd pretty much be no point in switching then. Augh. school makes me angry.

Today at school people kept giving me things. it was pretty cool. Jo gave me this safty pin with a heart and key hanging off it cause she didn't like it, then she gave lisa and I smokes <3, then Brandon gave me pizza.

Yesterday Noelle came over and we hung out for a bit and I made her my awesome garlic fingers. then her parents were having a birthday party for her so we went to that and had cake and watched cellular, which wasn't too good but it wasn't that bad. After we drove her sister to church adn tried to goto the flea market but for some reason it wasn't there. So she drove me home and I hung out with Jon.

Saturday I went to the mall with my mom and she bought me new pink converse shoes. They're pretty. I had ordered a pair from Renaissance but that was in December and they still haven't called back, plus these ones were on sale. I'm not allowed to wear them until my birthday but I was sneeky and wore them to school today. the rest of Saturday was spent smoking with Jon, I can't remember exactly what we did.

Friday I had a math test and I got a 86 on it :D I'm proud. Then Jon and I babysat at Bonnies till like 10. He was playing with all the little kid's button guitars and fake drums. It was cute. I wish I had had my camera to take pictures of it.

Tonight I have to go buy a sketchbook for art. Then I'm going to lay around and watch A&E all night. I hope they don't play re-runs. I think I've seen pretty much every American Justice, City Confidential and Cold Case files episode now.

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