2nd semester    2005-02-02 11:19:33 ET
Today was first day of second semester, it was also the firs day with Jon gone. :( I kept thinknig about him and it made me really sad. He called me after school and I was crying and he didn't care and hung up on me so I just curled up in a ball on my coach and cried for a really long time :( it wasn't very fun.

My classes are ok. A block I have art with Noelle, Skinhead wannabe boy (Pat?), Andi and some other boy. It's my favorite. Then B block is Print, I don't realy have any friends there but this girl that sat accross from me last semester in Entreprenuership was sitting by herself so I think I'll go sit with her tomorrow. It's better than sitting by that creepy boy again. He kept on starring at me then my scarf fell on the ground and he tried to pick it up for me but I got it first. and the man who works with the mentally challenged kids asked me what time it was and said he liked my Elvis watch, then he told me he has an Elvis shrine. heh. C block is math with Chris and Colin. I have Mr.Edwards again and I hate him. He's really hard and I SUCK at math. D block I have Global Geography with Allison, I guess that could be fun considering she always has interesting stories to tell. But Art is definetly the best, except our teacher doesn't know when to shut the hell up. She went on for an hour today about how to color and draw a grid thing :\ it was pointless because everyone already knew how to do it because we all took art 10.

I really missed Jon today. I wish he would have asked me how my day was when he called. I had lots to say :(

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