fuck school. I miss Jon :(    2005-02-03 11:32:25 ET
Noelle and I hung out last night. We watched children of the Corn and talked about boys an gossiped about girls. the usual. I guess her mom told her she always smells "musty" when she comes from my house ;) I wonder why that is..hehe.

I hate math class :( It makes my brain feel like it's about to explode. And thats only after 3 super easy equations. I gave up after that and just sat there writing my name with Jon's on my binder. I should really swith to foundations math.

I sat with Krista today in Print. It's a lot beter than sitting with the creepy fat boy. We learned how to make master copy's and stuff today. All you really do is press the print button. What a waste of a credit.

I ate lunch with Corey today. It was weird talking to Jon's friends without him there. It's just plain weird anyways though because I never really talked to them when Jon was there, but it's better than eating downstairs with the noisy and annoying grade 10's.

In Art we made fun of Jared because his Van Gogh crayon picture was pathetic. It didn't fit in at all with everyone eles'. I was lookng at it saying how much that piece sucked an he was like "that's mine" it was funny. Then the teacher saw it and took it down and made him fix it, twice. hehe. He's the special student.

Jon came over for like an hour after school and we watched some show on cannabilism. I have my math tutor at 6.30. boo.

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