babysitting & sleepover    2005-01-30 10:55:26 ET
The kids I was babysitting we're fucking annoying. They asked me for drinks and one wanted chocolate milk nd the other wanted cool aid, so I got it for thema dn then they said thast not what they wanted :\ whn they clearly said it was. Noelle was there, she heard them too. Then the little boy wouldn't eat the popcorn because he didn't have his own bowl, so I went and got him his own fucking bowl then he sad he didn't want that much popcorn. I hate children. Noelle and I smoked 3 joints in their house. The kids were still up but they were upstairs watching movies so we opened the deck door to discover they didn't shovel the snow off their deck, so theirs a meter high snow drift up against their door so we had to stand in their house and smoke out of it. The whole time the neighbors were outside too. We kept spilling all the ash all over their floor and forgot one of the roaches on their table >.< luckily we found it. I got paid $40 it was awesome. then we went to Noelles and had a sleepover there with our matching girrafes. I left around 10:30 and went to futureshop with my mom because she's buying my step dad a new TV for his birthday. It's this ugly silver widescreen. When we get the new TV the old one will go here in the computer room, and we'll have digital cable in here too :D I'm excited. After TV shopping my mom took me to Starbucks and i had a huge caramel frappachino. It was so yummy, it made me super awake. Later on Jon came over and we had a nice supper together. I ordered donairs and we rented children of the Corn.
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