drive thru.    2005-01-27 11:08:09 ET
After exams today [which were super easy, one of the questions was "what is your name?"] Noelle and I dropped off her grandma and went to McDonalds. I was feeding her french fries like grapes while she was driving and when we were on the way there we were trying to get her radio on a better station and she looked down to try to help and almost smashed into a snowbank. It was pretty funny. Then we went an picked out movies for our date thing with Jon and Corey tomorrow. After we jsut came back to my place and watched tv. When we were driving jon home from school he was being really weird and wouldn't talk to me. I kept trying to start a conversation with him and he'd just nod his head and look away. then he got out of the car and I didn't say goodbye in a happy enoguh voice for him and he got all stupid and mad. Now he's dicthing me tonight because he's a fucking ass. I asked him to hang out this weekend and he said no. I think i'm gonig o goto Brandons party on friday night because Jon's going to this thing he promissed to take me to without me.

this is noelles pretty new hair:

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