And another horrible day...    2005-01-25 04:09:15 ET
Yesterday my mom slapped me accross the face and threw me against a wall because my sister came up to me and ripped my pants because she wanted to watch tv. I have this huge fucking lump on my head from when I hit the corrner of the wall and a bunch of scratch marks all over me. Fuck I hate my mom. After she threw me against the wall I managed to get her on the ground but she took me down with her and started squeezing me around the waist until I couldn't breathe, and the whole time she's fucking laughing. After I just left and spent the day at Jon's. his mom told me I could spend the night but my mom called his house at 11 and said that if I didn't come home she was comming there and dragging me out :( Jon's parents have already delt with enough because of me so I just went home and snunk into my room without seeing her. I wish I could just run away and be with jon :*( I would do anything not to be here right now.

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