exams and such.    2005-01-26 12:18:16 ET
I have an exam tomorrow, but it's going to be the easiest exam in the history of the world. It's all open book, hehe. It's an oceanograpy exam too which makes it even easier. After exams Noelle and I are hanging out. I'm gonig to bring my camera so I can take pictures of her sexy new hair. We made plans to hang out with corey and Jon on friday since their's no school. We're watching movies and it's up to Noelle and I to pick them ;) I want to make them watch Mean Girls but I think they'd kill me if i tried. i gave myself a pretty french manicure today, and yesterday I looked at Jon's college booklet and got super excited about the cosmotology courses ;) bleh. I can't wait to finish highschool. I wonder if I can graduate early next year, I think I may be able to if I pass absolutly everything, I doubt that'll happen though. I'm such a slacker. I need to pull up my socks. [pfft, like that will ever happen]

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