cosmic    2005-01-22 17:56:02 ET
Tonight Noelle and I hung out. She was supposed to be studying for exams but I convinced her to come hang out with me instead. First we hot boxed my room then ate macadanea nut cookies and went cosmic bowling. I beat Noelle twice then we went and got pie and burgers from McDonalds. Jon was supposed to call me at 11 and it's like 12 now. He was drinking tonight so he definetly forget. Friday was jon's last day of school. I had this big lunchtime detention so I didnt even get to see him. Wednesday Lisa,Katie and I got caught skipping and we were almost suspended for the exam week, but we just got an hour detention and cafetorium clean up for a week instead. It's not even bad thoguh because we miss the first 20 minuites of the period after lunch to clean.

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