2005-02-25 10:31:16 ET
Ella came up to Noelle and I this mornnig before classes with all her friends and tried to tell us off, or whatever she was trying to do. We just kept cutting her off and telling her to go the fuck away, so she asked Corey to come talk to her "alone" so she could try and convince him to tell us to leave her alone. Maby if you wern't such a fucking idiot we wouldn't make so much fun of you. She also thinks we did all this crap to her but it really wasn't us, but it's comical that she thinks we did. I actually like the fact that she thinks it was us. so she steals Corey away and i'm talking to Noelle and her friend just starts yelling at me while i'm trying to ahve a conversation with noelle, I forget what she yelled but it had something to do with what I was talknig to noelle about, so she was ease dropping on us. so I turn to her and tell her to mind her own fucking business, tha I wasn't tlaking to her and she comes back with "oh my god your so scared you're shaking" although I clearly wasn't. Why the fuck would I be scared of Ella. The girl may be about a foot taller than me, but I could fucking beat the shit out of her if the situation ever did arise. and I realy hope it does. Anyways, after that I had a math quiz and I totaly aced it :D And I had double art and it was kinda fun. We're painting stuff. Noelle and I skipped last period and hung out in the bathroom. We lit the garbage on fire and threw huge wads of toilet paper and water onto the ceiling. time went by so slowly.

I came home from school and I get a call from my mom telling me to turn on the weather network, so I do and wait about 10 minuites and the weather news comes up, and accross the screen flashes a picture of my fucking dad. it was wierd. He's just sitting on the beach in Vancouver with a pack of beer beside him watching girls, because he's a fucknig perv. He got really fat. I haven't seen him in 3 years so I remembered him being a lot thinner, hah.

Jon and I are hanging out tonight, but theirs not mcuh to do because theirs a blizzard outside :(

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