Holy crap it's been a while.2011-12-18 19:04:30 ET

So...here goes

-bought a house, move in the 2nd
-am adopting another dog
-can't wait to get out of this apartment!
-met a new guy at a holiday work party
-keith is retarded. in a nutshell.

rawr2011-10-28 12:38:02 ET

Isn't it funny when life doesn't go as planned?

not funny "haha" but funny "eehhhhhh"

It wasn't even really a full baked plan anyway..to be fair...we shall see what the future brings. that's all we can do. ever.

Ganesh is taking shots at me and teaching me to live in the now. I really hate him for that.

he's home2011-10-26 14:52:10 ET

And we're getting coffee tomorrow.

baby steps to happiness.

2011-10-15 20:48:20 ET

Went to see Bayside and Saves the Day tonight...Bayside was awesome, STD (haha STD..)....we left early to get McDonald's lol...

but good night nonetheless!

Am now watching Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Don't judge me.

Upgraded all iThings to iOS52011-10-13 11:15:23 ET

I love it! I wish I could afford the new iPhone but bills are more important right now.../sigh..stupid credit cards...

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