ehhhhhh2011-10-02 20:28:12 ET

I just really like you. A lot.

Please please please let me get what I want this time.

New life....2011-09-29 10:09:21 ET

In a nutshell since I've been gone:

I cut matt out of my life. completely. it was terrible and painful but it was better. and the next day after I did it, he got a new girlfriend. neat.

My hot neighbor told his girlfriend it's over and he and I have been talking about life and things lately and getting closer. I really like it :)

My job pays well but sucks. I just hate the way management is handling things. Oh well. I get paid more to works nights. I'm not crying quite yet.

My milk has gone bad.

Keith gets home in 26 days :)

Wowza!2011-09-27 17:17:04 ET

I haven't been on here in forever! How are all of you then?

2011-07-25 23:31:11 ET

I have a crush :)

He's a friend of my hot neighbor's. We've been friends for a while and he got a girlfriend, but they are on the rocks already cause she broke up with him after 3 weeks cause he wouldn't marry her.

Seriously, bitches be crazy out here. They HAVE to be married or they'll die apparently. Good thing for me I don't think that way. ;)

2011-07-13 08:06:22 ET

Going to Europe next summer. Well...London and Paris really, but someday I wanna go back and see more of it.

Maybe I'll go to Sweden and visit a former Canadian friend of mine :P

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