2011-07-03 06:23:55 ET

Pizza and beer last night. maybe a concert tonight. yay cute boy to hang out with...

Figure it out.2011-06-23 15:58:18 ET

You know what you want. Get it.

2011-06-16 13:51:05 ET

I'm so sick of people letting petty things get to them.

I get that people get stressed about life in general, but that doesn't mean that I want to hear you rant about how someone looked at you wrong and so it ruined your entire day. I'm so sick of everyone being so negative.

My life isn't perfect right now either, but if I sat around all negative and complaining about everything all the time, it wouldn't get any better.

It seems I can't have a normal conversation with anyone lately cause they're always like "yeah and then this stupid rock was in the sidewalk today so I had the worst day ever! that rock ruined my day!" i just wanna be like "i get that you're stressed, but letting stupid petty shit get to you isn't helping your or anyone else, so quit being so fucking down on life. just shut up and start getting over your issues."


2011-06-14 18:44:52 ET

so i have this friend who is incredibly emotional.

she's been through a lot of rough things lately and basically everywhere she turns, she can't catch a break.

everyone's talking shit and she says she's just sick of everyone talking and not knowing what they're talking about.

I told her to ignore it. It's a much bigger deal than "he said she said". it's family stuff. so it's her own family talking shit.

I still feel like her assuming they're all out to get her and checking fb to see if they're saying stuff is her buying into it.

It IS a big deal. not saying it's not. but i just feel like if she would just ignore them and let them talk their shit and go about their terrible lives, her life would be 100% easier.


2011-05-21 22:19:08 ET

come back. fix it. come back. i hate this. i'm ok with it most of the time, but then you message me in the middle of the night cause you can't sleep and it takes me back to those nights we used to make out cause neither of us could sleep.

i hate this. i hate every moment of it. no amount of going to Europe will fix this.

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