the best thing...2010-04-10 15:39:13 ET

I heard today was "you are your mother's child."

Miss you mom.

there's clay in my hair...2010-04-08 11:45:35 ET

So apparently I've been graced with the ceramics fairy's blessing cause I've been making bowls like a crazy person. So if anyone wants a bowl let me know haha. =] i'll be glad to unload some of them.

No more staying up til 2 am talking about "Lord of the G Strings" with Malia and Matt. I'm so tired! But it was totally worth talking to him until 2 am =]

I go up for promotion this weekend...wish me luck :/ And i have to take a couple tests...ugh...

Also, I learned never to call Matt's bluff on taking his shirt off on webcam...cause he'll do it...and it makes me want to buy plane tickets. haha.

122 days <3

2010-04-04 16:59:03 ET

I know I gush alot about this guy...but it's cause he's very gushable.

Did you know until tonight i have never been told "you're worth it." by a boyfriend? Yep. First time for everything. =]

He makes me endlessly happy... <3
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what to do, what to do...2010-04-01 20:50:53 ET

It's almost 2 am and i'm still awake cause Matt was at the hospital for 5 hours with his son....ugh..poor kid

AND LA ink is on...evil evil show...especially since I found extra money in my bank account...just enough to get my tat i've been thinking about :/

i should be a good citizen and put it in savings...hmmm

Pomp and...what?2010-04-01 04:58:30 ET

I filled out my intent to graduate form yesterday! Which basically means i'm officially ALMOST a college graduate. haha.

AND I got approved to take my 23 hours I need to graduate...I MIGHT have time to go to the bathroom...

AND my newspaper advisor put me in for photo editor for next semester.

My next and final semester of college should be a good one =]
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