spring fail2010-05-02 07:02:42 ET

So this last weekend was Springfest which is just a huge excuse for everyone at my college to get drunk. First of all, everyone wanted to go to a house party...which is fine..but i'm 24...not 19.. I don't belong at a house party with a bunch of freshman. And then my friend gets drunk and corners everyone she can think of at the bar and tells them about all the drama in her life...people she hasn't seen in years...

Then her ex boyfriend who lives here calls her and tells her his brother drank a bottle of liquor and is in the hospital with "kidney failure" and since she's drunk she eats it up...so she leaves with him and ends up staying the night at his house...so now i'm waiting for her to come back to my apt to get her stuff and to hear what happened...ugh

i just hate it when people get themselves involved in drama and then bitch about it the next day. ugh....

thx for listening...

From 156 to 1032010-04-26 18:19:25 ET

in 4 days it will be 99 days til i get to see Matt. =]

Hopefully he gets the apartment he wants so we can have a decent place to stay while I'm there and I won't have to get an expensive hotel. ><<BR>
Finals are next week. Where the hell did THEY come from? Bastards...

All ye to the Faire!2010-04-24 19:10:52 ET

Ren Faire is this weekend! It's always good to see everyone I haven't seen since I went back to college. Also got to have 50 year told men fawn over me all day. Yay? o.O

What did you do this weekend SK?

dazed and confused..2010-04-18 12:54:34 ET

went and helped at dance team tryouts today. It was really good to see the girls and see the new team formed. But I already miss it. I don't miss being sore all the time and giving up ALL my free time to the team but...I will miss dancing. I already do.

On a happier note...I opened my mailbox and found a $540 check from school. o.O

newsies2010-04-15 21:00:32 ET

Got some new ink tonight! photos up soon =]Then had local beer and pizza with Krystal and Bobby...

Matt slipped and told me how he felt about me...we both agreed that kind of thing should wait until we're in person...but still...it's there. :3

School's almost over. Thank God! I can't wait to start working and have money again lol

Hope all of you had as lovely a day as I did! <3

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