<32010-03-30 19:33:20 ET

HE remembers how many days it is until we see each other. HE remembers. And I find it equally repulsive and charming that something as childish and meaningless as that little symbol in my title...made my night when it was typed to me by this amazing guy.


2010-03-27 13:21:02 ET

I REALLY need to stay off of eBay. I just bought this today for my new blackberry =]

2-3 weeks! It's slow but it's worth it for only $11 =]
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today.2010-03-27 03:41:51 ET

i have to go do activities with small children for 2 hours...anyone who knows me knows this is a challenge. lol. i don't do well with children. it's not that i don't like them. i just get nervous around them. but then i get to go shoot a rugby game and it's PERFECT photography weather! Clouds, clouds, clouds! =]

134 til I escape to Canada =]

good things2010-03-23 15:16:02 ET

I'm gonna be photo editor (most likely) next year for my college's newspaper, I sold my iPhone (liked it, didn't love it) for $500 on eBay, I have an amazing boyfriend who still gave me the strength to say no to the guy I've dumped people over the years twice in one week, Lady Gaga August 3rd!, I get paid next week, my baby niece is feeling better (she has acid reflux and she's only 3 wks old. what a way to enter the world...), getting a new camera this summer, going to Canada to see Matt in 138 days. =]

OMGOMGONGOMGOMG2010-03-20 06:38:29 ET




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