rly?2010-03-11 11:33:29 ET

Why do I have to go to study hall for the team if the season is over? Dumb. I hate it when people treat me like I'm 12 and I can't take care of myself or be responsible for my own grades. I know I failed my last Ethics test. I did another today that was better. End of story. I don't need a babysitter. And I can't even do my homework cause I need internet to do it and the room that study hall is in doesn't have wireless. Amazing. So I'm going to be sitting for 2 hours doing nothing....love it...bleh

c'est mon Matt2010-03-10 15:27:17 ET


2010-03-09 18:43:18 ET

I am sooo happy i can call you mine. =] you're the best...

2010-03-07 15:46:50 ET

I think that having someone far away who treats you better than ANYONE ever has is worth more than having someone 10 min away who is only mediocre.

so...2010-03-06 19:28:50 ET

i has an amazing Canadian boyfriend as of tonight. :3

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