1482010-03-04 18:16:51 ET

It's been decided that I'm staying in Canada for 2 wks instead of just one.


Matt gets his apt.

So let's all cross fingers pls! =]

Destroyed a ceramics project by dropping in it into a sink full of water. Awesome. BUT got two As on midterms this week. =]

Hopefully the good stays in my life until 148 days from now and I have someone to snoogle with while sleeping. =]

2010-03-02 17:52:22 ET

Did you know 150 days comes out to around 12 million seconds? Matt figured that out lol....

2010-03-01 18:23:27 ET

is it dumb to wanna be with someone you've never actually met?

I feel like it's dumb to the outsider...but it's not dumb to me at all.

Why is August so far away?

This is Matt..2010-03-01 06:03:41 ET

and this is him laying down by his comp cause i was laying down in mine cause my knee hurt. Because "this way it's like he's laying next to me." (his words)

Why can't he live closer? =[


2010-02-28 15:55:54 ET

it's been one of those weeks where you start to see people who have been around for months in a new light. I'm glad I did. =]

I can't wait til August... :3

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