Re-Dictionarying2010-05-26 18:44:25 ET

Would it make sense to say that Matt saying he loves me redefines my definition of what love and relationship should be and are?

I feel like he's the only boyfriend who's ever said that to me and truly understands what it means. Like he's not just saying it cause he thinks I'm pretty or something.

He gets my soul. /shrug

And that's all there is to it :3

71 days

=D2010-05-24 01:06:08 ET

My life is currently made...Matt told me he loves me tonight =]

We wanted to wait for stuff like that until I got there in August, but it just became something we didn't wanna hold back anymore.

My life is made <3

76 days =]

El33t2010-05-19 18:16:29 ET

PS3 magically fixed itself today. Now I'm just careful not to breathe on it lest it go retarded again for no reason.

Also...Matt convinced me to start playing WoW. I'm a freaking sell out. He plays alot and I just got too curious. You know what they say. Curiosity killed the cool points.

So if anyone's out there, gimme a's downloading now so should be up around tomorrow or this weekend.

Also, I think I need this to keep living..

Shift work2010-05-17 15:59:38 ET

Start working what was supposed to be 8 hour night shifts tonight. My captain apparently decided that since he has nothing better to do with his time than be at work, then we all have to as well. So I'm doing 2 hours of PT before work...then working until 8 am...yay....people, man...

It's Matt's birthday and I'm super bummed I can't be there for it =[

AND i lost my driver's license...hope today gets better...or at least goes by fast.

karma2010-05-16 11:24:08 ET

so...every so often in hands you a photo that just makes you smile even if no one else ever sees it. Long story short, this girl has put everyone I know through hell for the last 6 years and been the end of several relationships and the start of even more drama. If I were a nice person, I'd keep this to myself...but I'm not. lol. So SK...enjoy...the effects of alcohol on a dumb cunt...


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