BBT ADVENTURE!2010-06-27 08:27:11 ET

So Brandon (my BBT=Blackberry Twin) got a new job and got paid his first check and he calls me and tells me we're going out. I ask where. He wants to go to the strip club.

So he promised to buy me drinks so I went. Hilarity ensued.

First of all, the last strip club I went to was topless only. This one was not. So I walk in and there's some girls bidness in my face. She was nice about it though. lol

Then some drunk redneck gives Brandon dollars to give to the stripper so she'll do "cool stuff" and offered to buy me drinks. So Brandon decides he's in love with this stripper who has...everything...pierced....and goes to have a private dance with her.

This is when I was subject to all the drunk frat boys at this place and I just stayed in the corner texting people. So Brandon gets another dance and this guy starts hitting on me and telling me how to bring a stripper home. Yeah, cause this is useful info to me. lol.

We leave after this and I drive home. I get a text an hour later from Brandon telling me "Star isn't just a stripper...she's in college". Apparently he went back to the club to talk to the girl he got a lap dance from and have a "decent conversation" with her. lol.

That was my saturday SK....truly and adventure....ANGEL! You should have been there....I could have used female support.

Oh also, learned some interesting things about an ex from a guy we both knew who worked there. I've never liked this guy but for the first time since I've known him I actually talked to him instead of hearing stuff second hand. And it's funny how all the stories my ex told suddenly don't mesh up when I talk to all of his friends..hmmm

2010-06-24 07:01:44 ET

Going to day shift monday!

I really think the only thing i don't like about it is that I'll be awake when the rest of the world is awake. I'm not too fond of

43 days til I see Matt =] I'm pretty excited...but I'm also nervous that we won't like each other when we see each other. haha. :s

Finishing my tattoo tomorrow! I'm nervous for how much I know it's gonna hurt. Stupid shoulder blades...

Wish me luck!
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2010-06-12 17:33:34 ET

new ink. i'm pretty sure i'm paying for my artist's car payment at this point...

outline for now. finishing it in a few weeks.

2010-06-08 14:54:04 ET

my mom died 15 years ago today. today is not a good day. i want the world to leave me alone. and i get to work tonight. balls.
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soixante-six jours...2010-06-01 06:04:10 ET

jusqu'à je voyage à Canada. =]

Je suis très excitèe! :P

Ok i realize my next statement is sad...but all other boyfriends I've had I feel like to solve any argument or please them I had to be naked.

Well I was joking around with Matt today about something dumb and I said "Oh I bet if I took my shirt off, you'd see it differently...haha" and he looked at me and goes " know I think you're attractive...but sex isn't all i want from you. I don't wanna jump you right when you walk through the door...i want to spend time with you and just hang out...i want us having sex to actually mean something and not just be something that is expected"

I mean..i've had guys tell me they wanted to wait...then 5 minutes later were all over me...but this whole respect thing...I like it =] And I realize it's sad that i'm 24 and have just realized no guys have respected me the way I deserved...but better late than never I guess.

And now, photo spam. Matt is moving to a new apt and he's been packing his stuff. I hear all of a sudden "*gasp!* Sweet! My back scratcher!" and see this...

lol...little things that make my day... :3
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