Angel:2010-08-02 17:03:48 ET

I will miss you soo much tomorrow! =[ i really wanted you to go with us.

Also, don't compare yourself to other girls or think that Johnny is being shady. He loves you, you love him. Simple as that. I know it's scary when you've been through hell and someone comes around who is's an oddly unsettling feeling. But you have to stop questioning it or it will fall apart because you didn't treat it the way you should have.

We all think you're plenty interesting and beautiful and we all love you very much =]

There will never be another Angel. We all consider ourselves lucky to know the only one.

6 days2010-07-31 13:57:11 ET

before I want to put an ice pick through my brain cause of all the driving. Ugh. But Matt's at the end of it so it's all good.

bought harry potter on CD to help kill time. Hopefully Matt found a faster route for me too. yay =]

Also, I've been super stressed lately cause of work and just other stuff going on...and it's now pushing me over the edge when people keep asking "are you ok?". omg yes...i'm pestering me asking me if i'm ok isn't helping me at all..does that make me bitchy? I just hate it when people are overly concerned. if there's something i need help with in life, i'll come to you...other than that, assume i'm cool and quit asking me if i'm ok.

Work has been handing me some unique opportunities lately. Hopefully I get to take them...

onze jours2010-07-26 14:17:26 ET

c'est tout.


The Matt and the Cat2010-07-19 10:37:45 ET

Matt bought a cat yesterday...he finally got it dropped off by his uncle and i didn't hear much from him on skype then i hear:

"OMG! If I squeeze it a little is squeaks!"


hopefully the cat made it through the night...but this made me laugh alot lol.
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=D2010-07-18 07:18:44 ET

18 days til I invade Canada!

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