2010-08-14 21:55:11 ET

Went out tonight with Matt and his best friend Corey along with some other friends. Wow. lol. They all got really drunk and decided to walk to the corner store while attacking inanimate objects along the way lol.

always beware of manly men when they drink. :P

matt and i had a heart to heart and he told me alot of things about his past that only a handful of people know. Even though some if it is dark, I love knowing these things about him. Makes me know he trusts me.

He's going to try to come to the US for Thanksgiving where he'll meet my whole family. even i'm nervous lol.

o.O2010-08-12 06:15:12 ET

so apparently in the morning here there's only wedding shows on.

this plus the fact that matt told me last night that if he had to choose today someone to be with forever he'd choose me...makes my girly hormones go into overdrive.

either life is trying to tell me something or Canada is crazy. hmmmm
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2010-08-10 03:27:49 ET

So there's gonna be alot of entries about matt...so if you don't like that...blow me

with that said...

best official first date ever =]

Matt took me to a local metal show last night. the first band was alright but the last 2 were just high school "metal" bands bitching about how they don't get laid....wonder why...

so we left and he took me to this tourist trap in Sudbury (closed obviously) and we went to the highest parking lot where you could see the whole city. Even though it's Sudbury and it's not New York or something, it was still pretty.

We then took the long way home and took a wrong turn ending up in a graveyard. He told me about his family buried there and we discussed our mutual dislike for funerals.

Not a typical first date but i loved it.

The downside is i think i'm getting sick and i lost my voice so today is soup and tea day.

have a wonderful Tuesday SK =]
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je suis ici!2010-08-08 04:16:12 ET

and it's awesome =] alot cooler here than at home. THANK GOD. Matt's still amazing in person and his son is definitely his child. Ornery as ever. :P

Had a Molson last night...I can say I did it. not saying i'll ever do it again lol. Have yet to go to a chip stand. very curious about these since we don't have them at home.

Matt and I watched Clerks last night since i'd never seen it. it's hilarious. sorry i didn't see it sooner.

Life is good SK...i already wish i could stay forever. <3

=D2010-08-04 12:50:16 ET

I'm leaving for Canada tomorrow! 7 am. yay! =]

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