karma2010-09-14 05:54:31 ET

so i got a text last night from a friend of mine who is friends still with an ex from last summer. that jake guy i blogged about alot.

in a nutshell what happened with us was he thought he had to move across the country and i said i'd follow him and change colleges and everything. he kinda blew it off and wouldn't even be open to continuing the relationship. he said distance was too hard.

so a few months after we broke up he starts dating a girl in the Navy. (cause that's not distance right?)

well he went to see her recently and everything was fine. well i guess she told him a few days ago that distance is too hard and it's not fair and she can't do it. he offered to move wherever she was and marry her and join the Navy so they could be stationed together. she said no to all these options.

i am torn between wanting to scream in his face "OH DOESN'T IT SUCK WHEN YOU'RE WILLING TO LAY YOUR LIFE DOWN FOR SOMEONE AND THEY LOOK AT IT AND SAY "NAH, I DON'T WANT THAT"?!" and wanting to strangle this girl for doing that to him.

I had JUST gotten to the point where i could be happy for him and i was at peace with the fact that he was dating a girl based on the same reasons he broke up with me.


i hope this makes him realize how much pain he put me through. to love someone so much you'd change everything in your life for them, and they throw it back in your face.

idk it's just weird....life...all of it....

i'll just take this opportunity to say that matt and i are almost 7 months strong. just sayin.

MAC LOVE!2010-09-06 12:54:58 ET

My weekend was pooish.

My PC crashed friday morning so i skipped my first class to reinstall Vista and left. Everything was fine until saturday morning and I got the blue screen of death AGAIN. ugh.

So i called my dad to vent and then went inside and my aunt asked why i was upset. Long story short, her and my uncle said they'd fund me the MacBook Pro i've wanted for months if i pay them back when I get my bonus check from the military.


This is what I will soon be the new owner of:


2010-09-04 08:14:41 ET

so...i oddly miss Canada alot.

Not sure if it's just Matt or what it is, but I really do miss it. I miss how nice the weather was. :P

It's just so different from living here. Less materialistic I think. At least in Chelmsford it was. It was nice to get away from all the opportunities I have here to spend money lol.

Well hopefully airline tickets stay reasonable and I get to go back in December =]

Tonks :32010-08-28 11:26:57 ET


2010-08-28 11:17:18 ET

ya know...if matt could just fly down here for like an hour...or 4...i just need to relieve some stress. thanks.

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