2010-10-12 06:04:31 ET

I feel like fucking crying. i hate everything right now. everything.

Russian judge gives it a 9.8!2010-10-06 05:26:04 ET

Yesterday I drove to the local city park to take some photos for class. This park has a huge driving trail that circles the entire thing. At the highest point there is a cement picnic pavilion that looks out over the city and the plains.

I decided to climb up to the roof to take some shots. Made it up ok with the help of some kids who were already up there. When it came time to leave, they just jumped down. Since i'm only 5'4 I decided to try to shimmy off the roof on my stomach. Fail.

I slipped and fell and scraped up my foot pretty bad. Of course I fell on the knee I had surgery on last year -_-

My ankle hurts pretty bad though and is still a bit swollen this morning.

I was more embarrassed than anything, but I hope I don't need to go to the hospital. :S

2010-10-03 11:25:35 ET

Sold my bike. I feel like I sold a body part. Ugh. Stupid money. A kid from work bought it so it's in good hands. Still sucks though.

Can't wait to get a decent job so I can get another one.

just sayin =]2010-10-01 13:06:29 ET

Dear SK...2010-09-29 12:19:05 ET

how do you get over someone? i have matt. i love matt. matt is quite possibly my future.

but i still get so angry about what jake did to me whenever i think about it or someone brings him up. like i'm supposed to feel sorry for him cause his gf dumped his ass? no. sorry. not my job anymore.

i can't not hear about him cause our circle of friends has known him for years and one is actually related to him.

maybe this is a life skill i should have learned years ago but i've always been able to put distance between myself and other exes and i literally can't do it this time.

ugh. i hate life sometimes. and i wish angel were here.

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