2010-11-01 04:23:56 ET



This saturday is Matt and I's 8 month. =] I'm not sure why I didn't date him right away. Best 8 months ever. <3

social work jobs2010-10-28 04:57:29 ET

Also, I'm looking for an entry level job in social work but it seems everything I search wants me to have a masters degree (which i will in a few years), so is there something I can search for now that will give me an entry level job?

Maybe I'm just searching the wrong job title...

stars and stellars2010-10-28 04:41:41 ET

Astronomy test today. Bleh.

I wish I was already done with school. I'm so sick of classes I have to take that I don't understand.

Matt's hoping that his bitchy baby momma will actually act like a human and let him keep his son 24/7 now since Carole had back surgery and apparently needs 4 months of sitting on her ass doing nothing to recover. She's not even going to her physical therapy. She just sent her kids away and is refusing to take them back.

Hopefully Matt gets to keep Tristan full time cause it's better for Tristan if he does. Carole's idea of "watching the baby" is sitting Tristan in a high chair and turning on the tv all day.

Going back to Canada in 58 days =] i even have a countdown app on my iPhone. lol.

Have a good day SK!
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dreams or nightmares?2010-10-26 03:12:51 ET

I keep having dreams that matt and i break up over the stupidest stuff.

Last week I dreamed his best friend said i wasn't letting him play video games enough so he told matt to break up with me. o.O

Last night i dreamed that i went to see him again and he didn't want anything to do with me. He kept saying his job and his son were making him tired and stressed.

It's especially annoying cause it's one of those dreams where you're not sure if it's real when you wake up. The weird part is that we're great. there's nothing wrong with us. Oh well...i just hate dreams that mess with ya...
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!2010-10-18 06:54:54 ET

So proud of matt! He just joined this band and he went to his first practice last night. They only had one finished song so they asked him to write the rest and they even recorded him singing. He says the guy in charge is really into it and he thinks the band is gonna do pretty well. So proud of that Canadian :P

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