!2010-12-02 09:07:50 ET

Matt interviewed for an awesome job today. The job he originally wanted to get was taken, but they interviewed him for a job that starts in their warehouse, then moving to sales. If he does well then he'll be traveling all over for a few days at a time.

He said he's also pretty sure the company's headquarters are in St. Louis. How great would that be? I might get to randomly have lunch with my boyfriend!

I really hope he gets it. It comes with a pretty hefty salary increase as well. He could really use that lately.
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2010-11-27 12:08:58 ET

So i vote the first paycheck i get from my new job...i'm shopping...yep. cause that's the adult thing to do...
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In less than a month...2010-11-27 04:52:13 ET

I'll be in Canada. W00t! I can't wait to see him. Iki, I'll be in your country and bored for 3 weeks. >=]

Happy Thanksgiving SK2010-11-25 04:08:44 ET

Eat all kinds of terrible for you food!

2010-11-23 04:46:57 ET

Art history presentation today...i just practiced and i need to add at least 8 minutes onto my speech.

so this is what i'm doing about it. posting on SK.

Angel, come home. But not right now. Because I leave for Canada in 33 days =]

Still..you should come home.

Matt and I are way better than last week. We had a skype date and watched The Walking Dead on sunday and we've been talking regularly since. He's up for a new job which will pay better, but means he won't be able to come to my graduation since he'd have no vacation saved up :/

Oh well, I really want him to be there, but I'm not going to ask him to stay in a job he hates for 6 more months for me.

Anyone out there for St. Louis btw? Might be joining you soon :D

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