Christmas2010-12-25 05:30:38 ET

So i was getting my hair done yesterday and my friend keely texts me saying she broke up with her douchy boyfriend. i was happy about this and she proceeded to tell me that she got back with her ex of 2 years Ryan. We like Ryan. He was a little immature and thats why they broke up but he's been falling all over himself to get her back and now they're moving in together and talking about marriage.

She's so happy and it's great. She's never been this happy with a guy before.

Am I a bad person for being a little jealous? It's just cause I want all those things too, but because of me and matt's situation we can't really take that step for years unless we wanna be married to each other and never see each other.

Seriously I'm incredibly happy for Keely...but part of me wishes that I was picking out wedding dresses and moving in with my boyfriend too :/


En moins de 24 heures, je serai en Canada.

2010-12-19 07:29:34 ET

I'll be in Canada in a week =]

2010-12-16 05:20:15 ET

9 days til I invade Canada again. I can't wait to see him again.

ALSO...apparently Carole decided she wants to be a mother and she's going to watch Tristan for the next two weeks, so that means the whole first week I'm there Matt won't have Tristan.

Is it bad I'm kind of excited for all the naked time? haha.

2010-12-15 19:52:55 ET



2010-12-11 15:36:21 ET

so i called matt today to freak out about life and i mentioned that this whole thing with him was a huge part of my stress.

to my surprise he said "i was actually gonna call you tonight and say i want you to come."

so glad that's over...i still feel like we have some things to hash out, but at least i'm going =]

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