new job starts Jan 312011-01-18 08:21:02 ET

will be officially 4 hours closer to Canada. =]
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consideration of the day2011-01-12 06:58:59 ET

I think relationships (at least serious ones) are about proving yourself.

Matt and I talked about future stuff yesterday and he said that because his life went from 0 to 60 on the stress scale he's stopped thinking about the future so much and is just letting things happen and if we end up together, then we do. (in the nature of our relationship that's kinda how i think too)

So I've been thinking this morning that not all relationships are wrapped up in pretty bows right from the beginning, sometimes you have to get through the hard times and prove yourself to that other person.

Matt and I had a rough patch a few months back and almost broke up, so it does mean a lot to me that he loved me enough to keep me around in his life when he's trying to balance so much. (I know it seems like a small gesture but no guy has ever wanted our relationship to keep going after a fight or stressful time)

I guess it would be nice if my life was a tv movie where i meet the perfect guy and we have the perfect relationship where we never fight and i get a 5 carat engagement ring and we have tons of kids who are all perfect and get straight As, but more and more I realize that's not reality.

I was upset when Matt said he doesn't think about the future as much as he did over the summer when we talked about it but the more I think about it the more I realize that it's not that he doesn't love me, it's that his life is so totally screwed up right now he doesn't have the energy to think about it.

I hope things get better for him soon. I love him so.

Me and Tristan =]2011-01-07 15:01:09 ET

We've been bonding the last few days cause Matt's sitter bailed on him.

Cute little Canadian isn't he?

10 months2011-01-06 08:21:26 ET

Last night Matt and I were talking in bed and I noticed the clock and told him happy 10 months. He said "That clock is fast. You have 12 minutes." so we kept talking and a while later he looks at the clock again and says "Happy 10 months and 10 minutes" and kisses me.

I'm tearing up right now because I know I can't stay forever...

INAPPROPRIATE SEX ENTRY!2011-01-01 18:02:09 ET

I swear every time we have sex he gets better at it. (not that he's ever been bad)

holy orgasm batman...

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