2003-03-10 10:02:21 ET

i'm at home in stratford, connecticut. i was very anxious to get here when i was at school, but i've forgotten why. i am content with building birdhouses and perusing garden centers for now.
want to know a secret?
i was in manhattan last night for about 6 hours. i decided it wasn't where i wanted to be, so i caught the last train home and walked the 5 miles back to my house at four in the morning. i was hallucinating from cold/ silence/ lackoflight/ sleepdep. mailboxes with malicious intentions, you know how it is.
sooooo.... back to the corybantic ennui, drop me a note.

2003-03-04 11:18:54 ET

- please go to www.decasia.com. it is the home site for bill morrison, who is currently exhibiting his film Decasia in one of my school's galleries. This is one of the most brilliant films i have ever seen. If you have ever seen and appreciated Haxan, Begotten, or anything similar, this film buries them. this is not a new film, but a collection of very old strips of film that have been compiled by morrison to form a 60 minute piece. The special part is that these strips are celluloid and nitrate based, which starts to decay the second is is made. What is left are images that are melted, skewed, and otherwise degraded, forming some of the most beautiful imagery i have ever seen. on another level is the soundtrack score (the composer's name escapes me), which serves as a very powerful and haunting accompaniment to the picture. there are 5 minute clips from the film on the site, which i haven't yet tested but hopefully work.
- let it be known to the fair citizens of the NY/NJ/CT area that i am coming home for spring break, and fucking your shit up. IZZY! My life partner! There is so much time, so little to be done! (strike that, reverse it).
i hope to get in as much aural surgery as time allows for.
now i go write words elsewhere.

2003-02-22 11:02:57 ET

i couldn't find the new angels. DAMN YOU NEWBURY COMICS! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! i went to 2 locations.
i went to the new england aquarium yesterday. i want to work there sooo bad, aquascaping and maintaining the freshwater tanks. they have a four foot electric eel, and its tank has an audible voltage meter.
and this morning i went to the garment district, for a 50% off sale. i didn't get anything in the sale section, i was too busy rummaging through the downstairs, where tons of clothes piled up high on the floor are a dollar a pound. i bought two pairs of work overalls and something resembling the remains of a pair of pants.

Have i mentioned that i hate boston? this is the most boring city i've ever been in. and i just signed a new 12 month lease so i'm stuck here another year. i like my classes, but why can't i relate to a single goddamn person here? i'm convinced that i am not human. something else. i'm waiting for the others to show up and save me.

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