Anomalism 12-8.7 Happy birthday Hexagon.    2007-12-07 19:14:20 ET
It is only just his birthday now here but it has been his birthday all day where he is in Korea. An interesting month this, my parents aniversary at the beginning of it, #1 son today, wife less than a week hense, my brother a scant few after that and #2 son on the 24th.

 Anomalism 8-21.7\2 So how many ways ?    2007-08-21 14:11:44 ET
Can you say vomit? Do please contribute.
Let me start with one of my favorites.
"The technacolor yawn"!

 Anomalism 8-21.7 Filmses    2007-08-21 14:07:06 ET
I just saw the Hitcher teh ether day and I can't think of another film where I wanted more for the good guy to be killed in horrible ways apart from Hobgoblins where I wanted everyone in the film to be killed imediatly. What kind of a writer writes a character like that? If you focus grouped every situation for the absolute best way to make it worse for the character you could not do more. I had no simpathy for the guy at all at any point in the film because he was a moron. So I have to wonder did the writer intend for me to hate his main character? Did he or she think these reactions (by the character) normal? or apropriate? Did the director plan for me to think this way or was I supposed to have a different take? I wonder.
I also watched the new Casino Royal bond flic and I have to say it was a lot closer to a good film than anything else from recent decades with the name Bond attached to it. I did still find the plot a bit predictable. I do like that the big chase sequence was a foot chase, that was refreshing to see. What do you think?

 Anomalism7-4.7 Its the Fourth again    2007-07-04 17:25:53 ET
And I am still very proud and very thankful to be an American. My first SK entry was on the fourth in 03 so today I have been here 4 years (Love this place). Given the ancestry that I have I found myself pondering how long my people have been walking this land.

Mrs Anomalous (who has a broken hand) just came in and informed me that I need to deal with my leftover potsticker dip because in her current condition she is very mysterious and can spill things with her mind. She goes to the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to find out if she needs pins to stabilize the bone or if just the cast will do. I myself have never (that I know of) broken a bone so I can scarce imagine what she is going through. Of course growing up I had many friends and aquaintances wearing various casts but never managed to earn one of my own. I've done plenty enough other damage to my self so I can't feel too left out.

 Anomalism6-17.7 my Fathers day.    2007-06-17 18:09:27 ET
I just got off the phone with my dad. I started this entry over an hour ago and before I could type a word I realized it was a good time to try to catch dad at home (in AZ). I was telling him about Hexagon doing repelling down the cliff, (he taught the rest of us how and it was a blast) and we got on to talking about some of the crazy things I used to climb when I was a kid. He taught me how to climb trees (dad did) and then I learned how to do a full body jamb watching Batman and I became a regular squirel for much of my childhood. And of course I taught my kids and they of course took it even farther than me. Hexagon is back in Norfolk and I miss him already. I wish we got to see him more often but the military is what it is.
Severity is starting his third week at the same company I work for doing the same stuff Ive been doing for many years but its a new adventure for him and he's diggin it. He'll be diggin the pay hike too at the end of this week. No new dumb animal or stupid human stories to tell this time. Nothing new bullisticaly either. Oh well.

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