Anomalism 8-21.7\2 So how many ways ?
2007-08-21 14:11:44 ET

Can you say vomit? Do please contribute.
Let me start with one of my favorites.
"The technacolor yawn"!

2007-08-21 15:55:23 ET

"pop a gastric zit"

I'm really not that creative I actually had to look it up. They actually have an entire list a-z of ways to say vomit. Its kinda fun.

2007-08-21 17:17:13 ET

"Toss your cookies"

...My grandmother ALWAYS says that.

2007-08-21 20:49:42 ET

the "reverse buffet"

2007-08-22 05:04:17 ET

I have a deep personal interest in these phrases now a days. ;)

Worshiping the porcelin goddess
Hugging the porceline throne

"horking" - my personal favorite :D

2007-08-22 05:06:08 ET

lets not forget "calling ralf on the big white telephone" while we're making toilet euphemisms d-:

2007-08-22 05:08:11 ET


2007-08-22 15:30:56 ET

i always loved the simple medical phrase of "projectile vomit" because it manages to remain professional while being so very discriptive.

2007-08-22 17:50:11 ET

The Big Spit.

2007-08-22 17:59:31 ET

sky: I have a deep personal interest in them too lately, but for different (and still unknown!!) reasons! :P

My sister's favourite is "SHE'S PUKING!! SHE'S PUKING!!!"

2007-08-22 18:43:57 ET

Kilted= that has always been one of my favs.
How about, "Drinking backwards" and "lunch in rewind" or the ever popular "Heave and blow"

2007-08-22 18:47:07 ET

And the best is yet to come. Allow me to tease you with "Yodeling groceries"

2007-08-22 21:55:35 ET



Oh that made my week...

2007-08-22 22:28:31 ET

when a vegetarian pukes i tend to refer to it as them playing salad shooter.

2007-08-23 05:05:38 ET

LOL Salad shooter!!!!!


2007-08-23 18:04:09 ET

Gaking, yaking, hwarfing, barfing, upchucking, and blowing chunks. And there are so many more, and what's interesting is that nigh all of them are instantly recognizable. What does that say about us or about our culture? "Returning the unused portion"

2007-08-24 04:22:49 ET


Given how bad my stomach is this week I really shouldn't be enjoying this thread so much. lol.

2007-08-24 18:02:38 ET

Have you been "whistling a lumpy tune"?

2007-08-25 00:13:01 ET

funny story that happened tonight that totally made me think of this conversation:

Gryfin's sister, Snow is over for the weekend. As soon as she got here she was hungry so we offered her some of our leftover chili and corn bread.

As we sat around talking we were discussing that Snow is the family member with low pain tolerance. This discussion is briefly interrupted when my step-son comes in to let us know he managed to get the bigger gage ear ring thru his new ear piercing that we did for him. Previously it wouldn't go thru as the hole was to small, but as a bonus of it swelling up the hole got bigger and so he was able to force it...Snow immediately responds by letting us know that she could never do something like that, and in fact, she's thinking about corn bread just hearing about it.

2007-09-24 16:23:11 ET

Heard a couple that I had never heard before on an MST3K tether day," blowing chow" and "sumoning Earl".

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