Anomalism5-13.7 The barbwire is up    2007-05-13 13:30:06 ET
And the dangerous cliff edge gate is in place. Now perhaps the campers will stay out of my yard. I mean if they want that bed to fall to thier deaths, they can do it from someone else's cliff. Although if they fall from that particular section they will in fact land in a heap on someone else's property. but thats only on the north face, the East face they just fall into the yard.
In other news it is a beautiful day here, the trees re leafing out and everything has that most vibrant of green color that only comes with new growth.
I'm working 60 plus hours a week as per usual. One of my more or less supervisors wants to give me a second man on Weds and move some work from Thurs to weds. He says he doesn't want to burn me out. They don't understand who they are dealing with here. I've been working at this pace for 25 years, I see it as a way to chalenge myself physically. I,m not interested in easing up any, I set the pace for the other crews.
Speaking of not easing up. On that same Weds route I mow a common area for a developement that has a rather long tree lawn with a sidewalk that any number of people can be seen strolling along on there way to where ever. For two Wednesdays now I have seen this young woman walk by, moving confidently at a good pace. The interesting thing about this is that she uses a long white cane to tap th edges of the sidewalk as she goes. You guessed it she's blind, she hasn't let it slow her down though, she moves with a purpose. It is difficult for me as a sighted person to imagine walking for miles with my eyes closed. I,m impressed by her, I may have to tell her so.

 Anomalism 4-22.7 The perimeter is nearly secure.    2007-04-22 22:56:54 ET
We finaly got the fence up around the back yard upper level. Now if the campers want to fall off a cliff they will have to fall off ome one else's. The barb wire and the dangerous cliff edge gate are yet to be installed, but the main part is done. E.Z. the diesel cat, and Calipider, two of the outside cats came up with us to hang out and watch. They didn't see when we came back down so I had to go back up and call them down for dinner. Also the warm weather is finaly here and I start mowing on monday. No more spring cleanup and mulching for me. It looks to be a good season and I am doing work I enjoy.

 Anomalism 4-5.7 Weather??    2007-04-05 09:21:53 ET
The day before yesterday it was 80 degrees, today it is 30 and there is 2" of snow on the ground. It is all very pretty and stuff but we are kinda tired of it at this point. I'll have to build a fire soon for the first time in 3 weeks to heat the house and yet I have already had some sun burn. Its April in Ohio and this is the kind of things the weather will frequently do here. I guess I willna be doing any more mulching and edging this week.

 Anomalism 3-30.7 Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to    2007-03-30 19:37:46 ET
Work this past week since the weather finaly broke here and the snow melted. As usual it has been painful in many of the usual ways muscle and joint wise. The one notable and very welcome difference being that it is not 40 degrees and raining. Instead it has been sunny and warm and dry. This could be good. Also it feels good to be earning money again.

 Anomalism3-23.7 esperiments    2007-03-23 11:17:45 ET

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