Anomalism 01-01.7 another planetary orbit behind    2007-01-10 08:24:40 ET
I am now more than half way to the next level of untrustable, (that by the way we don't have a name for yet), 16,801.4 planetery rotations I have seen. I don't have a bullistic caliber to associate with this one. I'll have to shoot something to celebrate anyway.
Winter is finaly pretending to be here and we are in our secound day of snow. Severity just pulled in to the driveway early so the gun club must be slow. Maybe I'll run up to the nearest ammo wholesaler and get some thousands of rounds of projectile joy, surplussed from some of our formerly communist, now friend countries. Com block weapons are cheap to buy, cheap to feed (comparitivly) and oh so much fun to have laying around the house.
Of a curiosity are any of you have an unusualy snowy/not snowy winter so far?

 Anomalism 12-24 Happy B day Severity.    2006-12-24 05:52:08 ET
Today is my younger son Severity's birthday, (yes he was a Christmas eve baby). My present to him is a combined present of a weapony nature. I will when he gets home from the range give him the choice of opening it today or waiting till tomorrow. I cannot reveal the exact nature of it as yet because his elder brother DrHexagon has a similar weapon related gift waiting for him when he arrives home on or about the 28th.

 Anomalism 12-21.6 Wally checkout.    2006-12-21 17:49:25 ET
I went with Severity to Wallyworld to get some last minute gifts. I do SOoooo like the idea of giving a battery powered ray gun complete with sirens and lights to some one elses 4 yr old, the annoyance by proxy factor is very appealing. We did end up at the express checkout with a box of cookies and a box of rat poison, and then a few minutes later we were back at the same checkout with a blender oh the possibilities are endless.

 Anomalism 12-08.6 Done for the season/year.    2006-12-08 04:02:32 ET
My calender says today is the 8th. I was thinking that it was yesterday, that happens to me when I don't have my company cell phone in my hand. But I don't because monday was my last day for this year. I work out side til it starts snowing then we are done with fall cleanups.
But today is the actual birthday of Dr Hexagon and it is still snowing. I live in the secondary snow belt, well south of the lake effect snow and it has been snowing lightly all week.
The layoff is not unwelcome since I was called in a month and a half early in the spring and have been working 60+ hr weeks all year. I'm kinda tired and in need of a break. This is the time of the year when I get to persue my hobbies more intensly and yet I have the least available funding to do so. Oh well! But I will have more opportunity to post here and to annoy people.
I've decided to add a section to my bio for "Interesting Words" that I find I will likely need two colums, one for real words and one for made up words, Feel free to contribute.

 Anomalism 10-21.6 bullistic and other news    2006-10-21 19:45:19 ET
I have been neglectful of late and have not posted in some time. I'm still workng 60+ hrs a week and trying to keep up with my chores around the homested. We've painted about 80% of the outside of the house and now have gutters for the first time. I'm starting to stockpile wood for heat which means splitting time(oh joy). I don't have a log splitter so we just start swinging at the stuff with axes, which is very exhausting and sometimes commical.
On the bullistic front I have had several good outtings recently. The fist was when our former paster and his wife who is best friend to my wife came out for a day of hiking and shooting. They brought thier guns and I brought out a stack of guns and we had a great time. It was very cool whatching a 40+ woman who weighs maybe a hundred lbs wet pick up a 44magnum and have at it.
The other event was a couple of weeks ago when my brother Guido came up with one of his daughters whom we call the viking. And again it was very cool taking them hiking through the park and doing some rock climbing and cave crawling . After that we did some weapons familiarizing and introduced my bro to the Ak47 with lazer sight, there was much rejoycing.
Also in gun / new toy news, I recently acquired one of these It is russian high powered bullistic goodness. The version I have is the bottom one and we have the scope mount for it so that means another sniper gun for the volitile country loners oh yes!
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