Anomalism 4-15.6 eccentric bastard    2006-04-15 16:41:17 ET
I walked up to one of my bosses yesterday and said " I am no longer able to adhere my artificial wind generating device to the vertical plane, I am dissquieted!" He said what the fuck? Another supervisor next to him said "he can't hang the new blower on the wall in the trailer" The first boss said "see how much easyer it would have been to say". I said " of course, but it wouldn't be as much fun". He called me an eccentric basterd. I called him a powerpuff gerble. He said "watch out I don't jump up your butt". I said "you're gonna need a ladder".

 Anomalism 3-25.6 Have puter troubles, Need help!    2006-03-25 03:38:55 ET
My newest puter will not start, it gives a DLLs error message. I don't know what DLLs are and have no idea how to fix it. I'm posting via the old mostly junk E tower. We just renewed our Norton a few days ago I wonder if that had anything to do with it? Any help would be much appreciated.

 Anomalism 3-18.6 II A political Q    2006-03-18 07:57:20 ET
Just out of curiosity how many of you think that the government listening in on conversations between known terrorist groups abroad and people in this country is a bad thing or not?

If you are not an American and want to coment please feel free, just mention that you are not .

 Anomalism 3-18.6 glad to be at home    2006-03-18 07:48:04 ET
This week was all production which is to say working outside in the cold and wet. I'm a little sore and stiff and thats good, and I'm realy glad to be inside in the warm today though. I got a 96 on the final from the training thing last week which was among the best there, so I'm pleased with that. Two VPs and a regonal mannager thanked me for being proactively involved in the course. Our boss is very proud of us and I have to give a series of training sessions on mower opperation at corperate at the end of the month as part of an all day exibition our office is putting on for corperate and our own new personel as an anual startup meeting. This will be interesting.

 Anomalism 3-08.6 Back in school    2006-03-08 00:51:56 ET
I'm at corperate all this week for training and classes (refresher courses). Its fairly interesting, theres about 40 of us, 8 from my teritory (the most heavily represented) and so far I'm the most vocal of the students. So far its been a nice breaf from being out in the freezing cold doing spring cleanups on commercial properties.

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