Anomalism 01-31.6 Back to work    2006-01-31 13:29:11 ET
I'm sitting here in the office eating some kind of potato wedges and listening to "Super Metroid" music and life is good. The hard wood floor is done, 650 sqf DONE!. And it is beautiful, now I have to do interior trim thruout the house and the inside will be done. Then starts all the out side stuff too numerous to mention. My second day back to work (they brought me back a month and a half early) so I'll have only weekends to do stuff, oh well.
So what do you Canadian SKs think of the recent elections? Were they a good thing?

 Anomalism 01-27.6 Funny the things we memorize.    2006-01-27 03:29:49 ET
I guess (what do I mean guess, I know) I am a serious trek geek. So much so that I can walk in on the middle of any episode of the origonal series, look at any scene even walking down the hall not saying a word and tell you the episode in 3 seconds. And I don't even watch them anymore. As an example, I was walking down my hallway and Severity was watching a tape, I heard 3 words of diologue " opportunities are made", I told him the episode before I reached his door. He called me a bastard. Of course if I don't get it in 3 seconds he calls me a failure as a human being.
I've been a vorasious consumer of scifi as long as I can remember and was watching trek "first run" along with "Outer Limits", "The Invaders",Lost In Space", "Johnny Quest", "Marine Boy" and "UltraMan" Has any one but me ever seen the film "H Man" ? What realy obscure scifi have you seen? I hope I've missed some.

 Anomalism 1-10.61 Today is my Birthday!    2006-01-10 08:48:46 ET
I now have the same age as the number of the caliber of my favorite hand gun.
I should go out and plug something to celebrate

 Anomalism 1-7.6 I'm a little concerned    2006-01-07 10:17:11 ET
"Blitzkeg" has vanished from SK and I don't know why. I don't remember him saying anything about leaving. ????? :(

 Anomalism 12-31.5 loading guns and drinking beer    2005-12-31 12:39:19 ET
I'm sitting at my desk loading guns and drinking beer. It's snowing and another Amish buggy just went by.
Back to the loading thing, I'm actualy not planning anything sinnister, its just that I don't have any fire works for midnight. And being the kind of person who considers it a constitutional right to occasionaly be a danger to myself and others, I decided to get the guns that have the biggest muzzle flash ready to go.
So far I have prepared two of these, and one of these . We may get out one of these ,and maybe one of these . Mostly cuz the soviet block guns have huge fire out the barrel at night.
Don't worry, I won't be slobbering drunk or have a bunch of drunken idiots stumbling about blowing off body parts or anything like that (I think). Just me and Severity and maybe Mrs Anomalous if she is still awake and lots of fire power.

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