Anomalism 11-25.5 BURRRR!!!    2005-11-25 04:11:50 ET
Its been snowing for 2 days, maybe 3 and its about 8" deep and its 5 degrees out there. The unfortunate thing is I didn't get my firewood down to the front porch before the snow so now it will be much harder to find it all.
Yesterday we had duck and goose for thanksgiving dinner, with lots of stuffing and potatos. Many days of left overs here. We made 4 pies for 3 people (gives an idea how important dezert is around here). I stayed in the kitchen for most of the cooking and was as useful as a husband usualy is in a kitchen. Today it is bright and clear and beautiful out here and I am thankful for every day I get to live here. I hope every one had a great thanksgiving day as well, (for all of you who celebrate such things)( and even if you don't) be well and be Blessed.

 Anomalism 11-12.5 Mouse stuff.    2005-11-12 04:45:54 ET
I have this cat named Mouse, (I had a snapping turtle named fluffy once),and being a cat she is subject to eccentric behavier. She likes to play with little mouse toys made of real skin and fur (I think rabbit). She will bring it to you and want you to throw it for her so she can chase it. She'll keep bringing it back for another toss untill she gets tired or disstracted. Then she take it over to the water dish and drops it in for a float. We don't know why she sees the water bowl as a good place to store her toys but there it is. So the punch line is that the other morning I stagger in to make a pot of coffee and I glance down at the dish. Yep there's a mouse floatin belly up, apparently she had during the night caught a real one and of course played with it till it broke. I can see her thinking "Oh gee its broke what to do now? I remember! unused toys go in the water bowl, I'll do that". How do they come up with these quirks? I mean whats the origin of that behavier? So what wierd stuff does your cat do?

 Anomalism 11-01.5 Do not fail    2005-11-01 16:01:08 ET
Fall color in N E OH is the best I've seen in years. The trees are spectacular. If you live in an area where you get fall color do not fail to get out there and enjoy the wonder of it. We only have a week maybe two before they turn brown and drop, so burn some gas, take a drive in the country and check it out.

 Anomalism 10-22.5 Wich would you choose?    2005-10-22 05:47:24 ET
I stole this from a friend.
If you had the choice of being given

a. A million dollars

b. A bucket of grenades with out consiquence

Which would you choose? and Why?

 Anomalism 10-22.5 More observations.    2005-10-22 05:41:57 ET
Last week I was mowing a property that is in an industrial park . There are two new buildings going up across the street so there is dirt and mud everywhere. As I was finishing up and blowing the clippings off the side walk with my backpack blower . I noticed this huge puddle of very soupy mud that looked like melted ice cream in the end of the drive. The cement was otherwise perfectly clean, and there was no corisponding puddle in the street. It was as though it had been poored there. As the forced air from the blower tube passed over the smooth surface of the pool it raised up a complex cluster of ripples which tracted across the pool as I moved the stream of air. When I moved the air stream away the surface would go immediatly smooth leaving no race of the former disturbance. So I'm thinking this could be fun, so I started playing with the pool, making streats of disturbance back and forth. Then I noticed that the boundry of the pool was being pushed around by my activities. Wow! new possibilities! So I started chasing the pool all around the nice clean cement ;) spreading it thinner and thinner till the last waves would take off like a spider web in a hundred different directions. It was like when in junier high art class when they gave us a soda straw and some ink and paper, and we blew the ink around the page making pollack like pictures till the hypoxia made us pass out. Only this time I had an engine driving my giant straw. After I had painted the drive with mud til the supply was exhausted, I went on with my day, It was an enjoyable ten minutes though.

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