Anomalism 7-23.5 One Word.    2005-07-23 05:59:47 ET
"Please leave a one word comment that you think best describes me.

It can be one word only.

No more.

Then copy this to your journal so that I may leave a word about you."

 Anomalism 7-10.5 It is a particularly beautiful day    2005-07-10 04:31:42 ET
Perfect temperature, bright and clear sky, everything is green and peaceful. I hear birds, many birds, only a few that I can tell by thier song. I hear cicadas, which tells me high summer has arrived.

In other news, I will shortly be going to a gun show. I need more ammo, and of course the entertainment value is always good. I will be people watching and will report any thing note worthy.

 Anomalism 6-19.5 Unexpected fathers day gift.    2005-06-19 10:20:19 ET
Yesterday I went to pick up my son Severity from the range where he works. I had a $twenty with me to put toward a gun I had in lay away and while I was doing that my son came up behind me and said howabout you take that home today and then take me to get a PS2 for Mom. I was pleasantly stunned but said "cool" and we did. I now have a Norinco T90 (Tokarov) in 9mm luger. I have wanted one for myself ever since I bought a Polish Tokarov in 7.62x25mm for my wife for Mothers day (I think). It is one of my favorite designs and is based on a John Browning design. It is also my first 9mm which is also the weakest hand gun caliber I own. It shoots very well and will be easy to conceal. I have such cool kids and I am very proud of them both.

 Anomalism 6-13.5-2 Gun show posers.    2005-06-13 18:06:39 ET
Severity and I went to a gun show yesterday. We got ammo which was good but it was a little dissapointing as we did not get the Romainian sniper rifle frow the Ned Flanders looking fellow (back ordered parts). We did however see the poser goober again. Havn't seen him in a while, he used to wear grey camos with no sleeves, a mohawk, and his expensive Swedish assault rifle strapped to his back, his expensive German hand gun and some top of the line combat knife strapped to his waist and walks around "being seen". Well yesterday he unveiled his new "Armed Goth look", all done up in black with the studded bracelets and rings and yellow lensed black goggles. He still has the mowhawk and all the same guns, oh and he apparently has a girlfriend who he got into the act as well. She was likwise all in black with some magenta stripes in her hair and an AR rifle strapped to her. The whole thing seemed pethetic and comical at the same time, even the venders were snickering.

 Anomalism 6-13.5 A Dragonfly story.    2005-06-13 17:31:58 ET
I am sitting here enjoying an Art Deco breeze from 1939 mine is black and chrome instead of polished aluminum. Infact all of the fans currently running in the house are Robins & Meyers from the 30s.
Anyway my new dragonfly story (I have 3 alltogether ) happened Saturday when I was mowing the yard. I was being harried by deerflys badly, the little buggers bite, and it is impossible to swat them and mow at the same time. The reason being that the mower I have is hydraulicaly steered, each hand controls a drive wheel. It is a walk behind so if I let go one hand it spins around and runs over me (this very mower cut two fingers off another guys hand once). I did manage to kill a few with out losing any body parts but one was proving resistant. It kept circling my head (I think it wanted a bit of ear) when suddenly something large and black zoomed past from my right and as if by magic the fly was gone. The dragonfly was apparently doing fighter escort for me and snatched and ate the little bugger right out of the air. I was much appreciative both that he did it and also that I was there to see it happen. My other two dragonfly stories are cool too.
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