Anomalism 5-15.5 Happy green    2005-05-15 05:08:53 ET
It is a beautiful bright clear morning. The trees have finaly leafed out and are showing that very happy glowing green that you only see in the spring. I will have to cut the grass today, it will be the second time for my new old mower. (a 10 year old 48" comercial walk behind I bought out of the bone yard at work) The thing sat in the weather for a year before I got it for $500, they cost $4000 new. While I'm at the mowing thing I think I will bush hog at my beard. The tails seen in my pics have been shortened, they were getting out of control. They are still downward spikes but at a more managable length.
Had another shoosting event last sunday. Dropper brought over a black and white dog puppet and I put up the bad radiator that I pulled out of the jeep. We mcBlasted till we ran out of ammo. My Argentine .45 realy likes puppets, at 27yds I could not seem to miss. Every shot got a puff of stuffing(and one of the ears). It was cool but odd none of the other guns were so dangerous to puppets. We also got out my wifes SKS and put 35 rnds into a 30 rnd mag and proceeded to make it sizzle(only minor burns). Then it got silly, we got out the old single shot 20 gauge and started shooting it one handed. I did it getto style, (gun held high turned side ways) pretty damn funny done with a shot gun.

 Anomalism 5-11 .5 Panda biscuits    2005-05-11 18:00:43 ET
I'm sitting hear eating panda biscuits and drinking beer and watching Omega Doom on my pc. I can hardly believe it, I actualy found some else who collects skulls. And oddly enough she is from OH as well, she is Dwarf Star. I'm mostly just listening to the film. It has what I think is an awsome sound track which is not availible seperatly. Question, Can just the music be ripped from a dvd and put on a cd?

 Anomalism 4-25.5 It is snowing again.    2005-04-25 03:22:24 ET
It has been snowing for 24 hours, a few days ago it was 80 degrees. We did finnaly start mowing this past week and I went from 10 hour days imediatly to 12/13 hour days, felt good. The snow thing kinda sucks though. Cant work today which means I'll have to work saturday. Had a gret time last sunday, had some friends over for a cook out and hiking. I took thier kids for a hike on the rocks. We started at the secret passage in my cliff and took the path south into the park. I took them through all the fisures and caves and behind the handrails and we climbed on rocks where park visitors aren't sposed to go. We got our feet wet and bumped our heads (at least I did, the little ones don't have that trouble in the caves)and had a great! no loss of blood good time.

 Anomalism I saw !    2005-04-07 01:00:19 ET
I saw a red fox at work yesterday. We've been working spring cleanup at Progressive insurance and apparently this fox just sort of lives on the grounds there. He is casual as can be and doesn't seem to mind people at all, he just came walking down the steps and sontered by, stopped sat down and looked at me for a minute then went over in the junnipers and took a knap. Cool huh!

 Anomalism 3-25.5 McBlast it again dammit!    2005-03-25 06:03:19 ET
A friend of ours Dropper turned up tues with all his weapons wanting to make some noise in the back yard zone of devestation. So we turned the old frig in the back to a fresh side and did just that for the rest of the day til dark and lack of ammo forced us inside. It was a very good day of shooting, the weapon stack availible to us included(ours and his) 4x .45 ACPs, 3x 9mm, 2x 9mm Makerov, 2x 7.62x25mm, and 1x.50AE Desert Eagle, and thats just the pistols. The rifles included 4X 8mm Mauser,1x 7.62x54 Russian, 1x 308 NATO,1x 30 06, and a couple 12 guage pump guns. We gathered every splodable or otherwise interesting to shoot object we could find (a car battery,a bowling ball, a starter motor,old brake pads,a dead ground hog and every beer can we could lay our hands on). I thought the ground hog was a little gross but I was out numbered there. We set up all kinds of run and shoot scenarios at the diferent targets and did a firing squad on the bowling ball (did you know they are full of cork? always wondered what was in them) Anyway while we were all laughing our asses off and acting like a bunch of dangerous hicks, ( while I am not a hick I reserve the right to occasionaly be a danger to myself and others, cuz every culture has its enjoyable componants)all these peddlers kept showing up wanting to shampoo my carpets or sell me frozen meat. It was kinda fun standing there with a 45 in a shoulder holster and another on my hip talking to a nervous pair of meat salesmen. The best part was when in the middle of thier spiel, Severity picks up the G3 and fires 20 308s into the fridge as fast as he could pull the trigger, they got a little nervous and started putting stuff back in thier van. The Desert Eagle was next and they were ready to leave. The de 50 is a monster of a gun, it destroyed everything we shot with it. All in all it was an awsome good time with only minor wounds sustained and very little loss of blood, can't wait to do it again.

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