Anomalism 2-20.05 Mk III    2005-02-20 13:31:17 ET
I spent the bulk of the day working feebly away at the uploading pics to my web page thing, and of course I first had to make my page. If you are a web geek this is no big deal but alas I cut grass for a living and hence my inexperience. I did at last get through it and the first set of pics are of the house not long into the renovations. The next set will be of the current lived in though not near done stage.

 Anomalism 2-20.05 II Help me build a quiz    2005-02-20 08:24:35 ET
Having just completed one of those quizes that I find here and there. I got to thinking about what I learn from reading peoples answers to the many Qs and from answering them my self. Which is what? I get insights as to the personality of the person taking the quiz yes, but always from the perspective of the person taking the quiz. And when I take a quiz you see me according to me, (all very subjective yes?) Of course if you are perceptive enough, and the Qs are clever enough, you can discern perhaps more about me than I want you to know. Still it does not seem enough. How about this, A Quiz About Me Taken By YOU? Does this not have great potential for entertainment, revelation, fear and loathing? I'd like to find out, and you can help me.

What questions should I ask you to answer about me?
apartial list
1.Name one obvious quality that this person has.
2. Why do you think so?
3. Name another less obvious quality that this person has.
4. why do you think so?
5.Do you think that this person is sincere about the things that he/she/it says? elaborate.
6.Do you think that he/she/it always knows what he/she/it is talking about? elaborate.
7.Do you think that this person has a sense of humer?
8. If yes, do you enjoy?
9. If Yes, how would you describe it?
10.Is this a person that you would feel comfortable around?
11.Is this a person that you would want to meet?
12.If yes, expectedly/unexpectedly?
13.What do you think your answers to these questions say about you/
14.What other questions should have been asked ? and how would you answer them?

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 Anomalism 2-20.05 from DrHexagon    2005-02-20 07:26:06 ET
1. What does your Subkultures name mean?
I defined it in the biography section above.

2.elaborate on your avatar.
A recent pic of me, I was mildly amused at the time.

3. Who introduced Subkultures to you?
A uniquely beautiful young Isreali, whom I linked to from, whom I found at spooky links when I was sidetracted from my web search of volcanos. (Iknow its not a logical progression but it did happen). Anyway Liron had posted a pic on deathstar nebula of herself with a banner stuck to her forehead.

4.How many pics do you have in your galleries?
10 at present.

5.What is your current status?
Mostly human mostly,Large American male,73" tall, 3'360 ounces, 16'110.56 days in this reality, married 8'378.5 wonderful rotations of this planet.

6.What are you wearing right now?
? Odd question, but then participating in this quiz might be considered odd. Anyway, dark grey jeans, a green hooded sweater(tattered), house slipperes.

7.What is life to you?
Life is the gift of adventure and opportunity that by Grace I get to experience anew with each sunrise (albeit some adventures are less enjoyable than others and yet still not to be missed).

8.What is love to you?
It is difficult to do better than Neko, "In its purest,true form,the most godly thing humans are capable of" It is also given, it cannot be taken, it cannot be required or owed, only given. Paradoxicaly it seems it is not always a choice.

9.What do you hate most?
Hate is not something that I have ever been able to maintain, (it requires a great deal of effort against my nature like swimming upstream),((this does not mean that I need to hate you in order to kill you, the two concepts are not paired in my mind)). I do hate lies, deception, and betrayal.

10.What do you love most?
That which is positive, that which is uplifting, that which builds.

11.What makes you happy?
The peace, the joy, the confidence, the contentment that I could never build for myself but was given to me 24 years ago. I have never been the same since.

12.Are you musically inclined?It does not seem likely since I despize 98% of all music that exists.

13.What would you do if you woke up and found that the person you love most does'nt exist?
I would have to question my grip on reality and wonder was that person then a figment of my imagination all along and if so what then was it that I was realy in love with?

14.If oyu could go back in time and change ONE thing, what would you change?
What would I change that would not change who I have become? Most likly some hurtful thing that I have done to some one, but which one? and having then not done and there fore not learned to not repeat and would only have done it to some one else or elses, what then?

15.If you MUST be an animal for ONE day, what will you be?
A Cuttlefish, they seem unusualy perceptive.

16.Ever had a near death experience?

17.Name ONE obvious Quality you have.
I am not what you expected.

18.What is the name of the song that is stuck in your head right now?
Flying In A Blue Dream - Joe Satriani

19.Are you happy today?
Yes ! everyday!

20.Who will cut and paste this first?

 Anomalism 2-16.05    2005-02-16 09:11:03 ET
Yesterday was a beautiful day so Severity and I went to the range to grab a few hours of shoosting. I bought a load of ammo at the gun show sunday and wanted to try it out. We made it a mauser fest with 3 mausers and a Hakim. This particular range is the gun club where Severity works and we wanted to check it out since they have a 200yd section. Let me tell you this place is a hoot and a half and here's why. You bring your own targets and they don't care what your targets are, we saw little army men and GI Joe parts, appliance parts a cardboard snow man, engine parts,computer carcases, and bowling pins. The rules seem to be, don't get hurt, don't miss the back stop, and no rapid fire, thats all. We had a great time blasting away at leftover targets and fired off hundreds of rounds of high velocity goodness.
Sadly the Dragonov is not done yet (which is why we were shooting German instead of Russian). We did pic up one new toy= the new Ruger P345,which is a very nice little internal combustion projectile throwing implement.

 Anomalism 2-12.05    2005-02-12 05:33:14 ET
My head cold seems to be getting better, I,m feeling like working on some componant of the house today. I think the utility room deserves some attention. I'll try to finnish the floor tile work and maybe start on the door to the bathroom there.
Gun show tomorrow, yay! I hope the ammo guy has the amo I need this time, other wise I'll have to tell him he is a failure as a human being again. Also I hope the Ned Flanders looking guy who sells sniper rifles has Severity's Dragonov ready.

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