Anomalism 3-25.5 McBlast it again dammit!    2005-03-25 06:03:19 ET
A friend of ours Dropper turned up tues with all his weapons wanting to make some noise in the back yard zone of devestation. So we turned the old frig in the back to a fresh side and did just that for the rest of the day til dark and lack of ammo forced us inside. It was a very good day of shooting, the weapon stack availible to us included(ours and his) 4x .45 ACPs, 3x 9mm, 2x 9mm Makerov, 2x 7.62x25mm, and 1x.50AE Desert Eagle, and thats just the pistols. The rifles included 4X 8mm Mauser,1x 7.62x54 Russian, 1x 308 NATO,1x 30 06, and a couple 12 guage pump guns. We gathered every splodable or otherwise interesting to shoot object we could find (a car battery,a bowling ball, a starter motor,old brake pads,a dead ground hog and every beer can we could lay our hands on). I thought the ground hog was a little gross but I was out numbered there. We set up all kinds of run and shoot scenarios at the diferent targets and did a firing squad on the bowling ball (did you know they are full of cork? always wondered what was in them) Anyway while we were all laughing our asses off and acting like a bunch of dangerous hicks, ( while I am not a hick I reserve the right to occasionaly be a danger to myself and others, cuz every culture has its enjoyable componants)all these peddlers kept showing up wanting to shampoo my carpets or sell me frozen meat. It was kinda fun standing there with a 45 in a shoulder holster and another on my hip talking to a nervous pair of meat salesmen. The best part was when in the middle of thier spiel, Severity picks up the G3 and fires 20 308s into the fridge as fast as he could pull the trigger, they got a little nervous and started putting stuff back in thier van. The Desert Eagle was next and they were ready to leave. The de 50 is a monster of a gun, it destroyed everything we shot with it. All in all it was an awsome good time with only minor wounds sustained and very little loss of blood, can't wait to do it again.

 Anomalism 3-16.5 another litter box.    2005-03-16 05:19:08 ET
It seems that we are now back up to 6 cats again. My Lady Anomalous came home from work at the vets the night before last with a box with the label "pet carrier" on the side. Inside was a very sweet little calico cat that was having difficulty finding a home. My first thought was "are we going to make a habit out of this?" My secound thought was "I hope they (the other cats) don't have a pee party over teratories because I can get us to zero cats with out emptying my firt magazine. Fourtunatly for all it has been 2 days and no such thing has occurred. The two males(E Z and Jabba the cat) are like "BFD another cat ", Lilliputian and Mouse Jart, are a little pissed and Spice is too old to care (17)so it looks like it will work out. Anyway the new little furry creature will be called Calipidder, as the name Cali (calico) that they were calling her is entirly too mundain.(we must maintain our anti sensibilities here).

 Anomalism 3-13.5 = 23rd aniversary    2005-03-13 04:52:59 ET
Today I have been married to the lovely Mrs Anomalous for 23 yearses, been together for 27. I can truthfully and loudly say I could not have asked for better.

 Anomalism 3-12.5 Power tools are indeed wonderful.    2005-03-12 07:24:37 ET
I am sitting here eating leftover perogies, with "Mouse" the cat in my lap. She was just inside the floor a moment ago, the floor vents for the passive cold air returns don't all have covers, much to the delight of the ever curious cats. I normaly start back to work about mid March after the last snow melts. Usualy get snow first week and then starts to warm. We've had 7" this week so far, 2" over night and still snowing now.
In other news, I did finaly get a door up on the downstairs bathroom. Best fit yet of my door jobs. I have been accumulating power tools for over a decade, (not agressively though) and have a drill press, a table saw, a chop/miter saw, 3 hand drills, a circular saw, a disc grinder, a router, and a saber saw. I cannot begin to tell you how vital they all have been (but I will anyway). This house is 130 years old and has things like doorways that are 2" shorter and 1" narrower than the availible doors and stuff like that I have been doing all of the finnishing my self. I'm not a carpenter or a builder but a landscaper. I am clever though and a natural problem solver. Don't worry there is no sod in the living room and at least no intensional water features. The experience of "making" the inside of my house myself has been and continues to be a very satisfying adventure. I would encurage all of you who read this to learn something new every day and make yourselves as capable in every way as you possibly can. It's impossible to regrette it if you do. We all have limitations, things we cannot do, but most of us live our lives from one end to the other without ever getting close to them. I would chalenge any of you in that your limitations are so far beyond where you think they are that you can spend a lifetime searching for them all. One of my early prayers as a Christian was to be always curious (I didn't know it at the time but King Solomon did something similar), 25 years later and I am still curious (you could take that in diferent ways I spose). The moral of this I guess is that God has given you more than you think, and just because you don't know how to do a thing today does not mean you cannot know how to do it tomorrow.

 Anomalism 2-28.05    2005-02-28 07:19:22 ET
I added some text to the web page so as to give a better idea what you are looking at. Still don't have the semi finnished pics ready.
Went to cut down another dead tree for fire wood as we were almost out. Actualy 2 dead trees but it quickly turned into 5 trees as tree 1 (60 feet tall all of them)leaned into tree 3 and would not drop. And then tree 2 then leaned into tree 4 and did the same. This necessitated the not desired cutting of trees 3, 4. Trees 1,3 droped nicely but 2,4 leaned over into huge dead tree 5 and would not drop. So guess what! Oh yes huge dead tree 5 had to be cut as well. This did finaly bring them down with a very satisfying THUDD in a relativly convenient spot for way a lot of splitting and carrying. Result! I now have about 3 tons of fire wood to split and move. Oh Joy!

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