Anomalism 2-07.5    2005-02-07 13:19:06 ET
The hakim test went well and the weapon functions perfectly, what a beast of a gun. It's os bloody cold that it is miserable at the out door ranges where I can shoot 100 yds and better, my backyard range is only 25 yds. I guess thats not a bad problem to have as problems go.
Spent the day today running Mrs Anomalous around to local vetneries droping off resumes, she nolonger wants to be a retail pharmacy tech, (hates people). Tomorrow I need to get the rest of the firewood onto the porch, yey for lifting and stacking. I'm going to try to get the Ip web hosting thing going tonight so I can get the promised pics up, wish me luck.

 Anomalism 2-05.5 part 2    2005-02-05 17:34:17 ET
In weapon news I got the repaired (welded) claw extractor for my Hakim back, filed it to shape and installed it. We will test fire it tomorrow. The Egyptian Hakim is a magazine fed semiauto rifle based on a Swiss design and is chambered in 8mm mauser (7.92x57mm). The 8mm is a very powerfull round that will put a hole through a pickup truck brake rotor(cuz I did it ) and will kill the hell out of old refrigeraters and water heaters. heh
Also I test fired my Turkish mauser (also 8mm) yesterday with some surplussed Turkish ammo. How often do you get to shoot a historical weapon and do it with historical ammo? Got a lot of missfires, (could be why it was surplussed huh). Took the bolt apart and cleaned the sand out and will test it again tomorrow.

 Anomalism 2-05.5    2005-02-05 17:13:51 ET
Once again I had a long entry typed and the comp loged me off without telling me.(I type slow) I am so pissed but I don't know why it does it or how to make it stop. Anyway I have discovered that 2 days of wood splitting generates a fair amount of pain. The motion works the hell out of muscle groups that don't get used as much in my normal work(landscaping). So today I put up the door to the office which leaves only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom without doors, progress is progress right?
E Z the kerosene kitty seems to have no lasting damage and is in fact gaining weight. I'll add the episode to my collection of dumb animal stories in the "he did what?" section.

 Anomalism 2-02.05    2005-02-02 18:24:26 ET
First day back from Arizona= cut a hole in kitchen floor and fix water pipe so we can have water+ find way to keep from freezing again+ cut cold air returns in upstairs floors to help move heat from woodstove around, and while we are at it fel another tree to feed the wood stove. Tomorrow= heavy splitting of said tree.
Also glue the nearly fossilized pig skull we brought back back together.

 Anomalism 1-24.05    2005-01-24 14:51:21 ET
I'm in Safford Arizona this week, I'm helping my parents with thier move, 3.5 days and 1800 miles driving and then unload and prep the house. Now its time to fart around and see the sights. Saw my first road runner and jack rabbit, scarred up some quail bobs and tracked a wild pig yesterday. I miss my weapons its too quiet out here.

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