Anomalism 12-30    2004-12-30 06:27:46 ET
Dial up now working (will have to do ), just needed to buy new pc for too many dollars.
The good part is I can show up and post from home again (huge sigh of relief). I have painfully missed this place and too many things have been going on to be able to post from library.
I have many new pics to post but I just bought this thing and have much to set up and figure out os I may be a little slow to get the pics in.
This week along with getting the new pc I have insulated most of the attic and gotten the materials for building the hearth for the fire place so I can go down to Cinci to the parents place to get the wood burning stove(we are heating with propane and it is very expensive. We have already split a bunch of wood for the stove and only broke one axe doing it.

 Anomalism 12-20    2004-12-20 11:19:33 ET
Still no web from home, still using library. Not a pleasant situation but there is yet hope.
I am finaly laid off for the winter and I also won the big safety bonus payout ($1250 before tax) way cool but it is all spent already, oh well!
The scimitars of my moustach are now 3+ inches, I have pics that I hope I get to upload some day, I will at least be able to post more often now.
It is a winter wonderland here, huge icicles hanging from my cliffs and eves (no gutters on the house), must soon get a wood stove for the house as the propane is painfully expensive.
My son Severity who works at the local hunting and shooting club bought me an Egyptian rifle that is a semiauto 8mm with detachable mags so shoosting in the back yard has been very interesting of late. A friend of ours got himself a Desert Eagle 50 action express, I told him that he should have gotten the 44 instead my argument being"how much dead'r can a 50 make you at $1 per round than a 44 at $.30 per round? to no avail.

 Anomalism 11-25    2004-11-25 11:44:58 ET
Happy thanks giving everyone!
It turns out the people at the phone co lied and we in fact cannot get DSL or cable and the dial up that we got is so bad we are going to tell them to shove it. However; satelite is an option of last and most exspensive resort. Being as I am addicted to you people I will sell something(not weapon related) and go for it.

 Anomalism 11-4    2004-11-04 07:27:08 ET
DSL is comming soon!!! no time for more now.

 Anomalism 10-02    2004-10-02 07:04:14 ET
My moustache is now 2" I realy need to find some one to braid it. Still no phone or cable to the house so I can't upload pics . We will probably have to go with cable modem cuz it doesn't look like DSL is hapnin out here yet. Some of the rooms are starting to look normal now, we set up our waterbed and our dressers last week. I havn't seen much of this stuff for 7 months. I'm going to try to set up my claw foot bathtub tomorrow and maybe the shower as well. We'll see!

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